This was a live client project.


OccasionGenius is a technological start-up that allows users to plan events and browse for local leisure activities. The start-up is developing a mobile application. Due to a desire to get more traffic on its website, OccasionGenius is preparing to launch its platform on a browser nationally. The start-up came to me to create a comprehensive marketing plan to market its platform to Virginia Commonwealth University's student body.

The Research

To really understand VCU students, I immersed myself into the shoes of this audience. Two surveys and nineteen interviews were conducted.

The Problem

I found out that VCU students are not receptive of traditional advertising. Richmond city is cluttered with activities and business that market their events. Since VCU's campus in the heart of the city, advertising OccasonGenius to these students will be difficult. In today's world where so many products, services and events are happening, a brand must explore beyond basic and traditional advertising tactics.

The Human Truths

89% of students are using their mobile devices over other devices such as their tablets and laptops when browsing for leisure activities. While talking to students, I found out that they gain information on things to do through their social circles on and offline. 


With competitors such as Groupon, Yelp, and Eventbrite, OccasionGenius can leverage social interactions to differentiate itself from its competitors.

The Opportunity

To capitalize on OccasionGenius's mobile application and leverage social connectivity.

Brand Positioning

OccasionGenius is the only place that enables people to connect through social experiences.


To make OccasionGenius convenient and contagious.


  • Redesign Logo
  • Mobile Application User Experience
  • Brand Ambassadors.


Don Just: Brand Management Professor

Kelly O'Keefe: Brand Management Professor

Earl Cox: Capstone Project Professor

Robert Kelly: Project Adviser

Sarah Burley: Graphic Designer

Paige Rollins: Experience Designer

Logo Redesign

OccasionGenius Mobile App Experience

Brand Ambassador Uniforms & Promotional Items