The Background and Ask

Libbie Market is known as the local, convenient destination to get fresh food in Richmond, VA. The company also provides a catering service that brings in a good proportion to their sales revenue. We were tasked to consult the brand and to develop a strategic approach that would allow Libbie Market to stay competitive in an industry where online shopping is rapidly growing.

The Obstacle

To get started, we dug deep into secondary sources (Mintel, Statista, social media, ect.) of the grocery industry and our client’s competitors. Due to consumer demand on convenience and technological innovation, online grocery shopping is projected to grab 20% of the grocery industry by 2025. 

Research & Initial Findings

One survey and 25 in-person interviews of Libbie Market customers were conducted. From our research, we found that:

1) Convenience is everything.

While 86% of Libbie Market customers purchased prepared meals, 65% of those participants stated that purchasing prepared meal kits was due to lack of time.

2) With this audience, dinner parties are the norm.

53% of participants had parties catered, and a majority of them catered to less than 20 people.

3) Cooks take pride in their finished product.

Hosts who cook their own dinner parties take pride in their work.

The Insight

The love of making a home-cooked meal cannot be delivered.

The Strategy

Create a service for Libbie Market that capitalizes of excellent catering capability, reduced party pain, and maintains the feeling of love associated with homemade.

Solution: Homecooked by Libbie

Homecooked by Libbie is a meal kit that stems from popular recipes that tackles the inconvenience of shopping for groceries while allowing customers to cook at home. Along with popular recipes, customizable recipes will be placed online for ordering. These meal kits will be available for pick-up at the Libbie Market store. 

Along with popular and customizable kits, Homecooked by Libbie will also provide customers with Holiday specials.

Meal Kits & Packaging


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Alyssa Fea: Creative Brand Manager

Adrienne Johnson: Creative Brand Manager

Joval Martin: Creative Brand Manager