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Lancer Productions


Lancer Productions is Longwood University's official campus programming board. With an annual budget of $200,000, the campus programming board commits to provide social, cultural, educational, and recreational events to the Longwood community and Farmville's residents. Such events include Trivia Night, comedy shows, educational and inspirational speakers, Bingo, music concerts and more. Throughout my time with Lancer Productions, I was the Social Media Director, the Graphic Designer, and the Vice President of Marketing. 


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Social Media Director (Oct. 2013 - Apr. 2015)

  • Conducted marketing activities for the organization's events through social media platforms

  • Managed accounts and analyzed relevant data through Hootsuite
  • Conducted various creative and promotional tactics for campaigns
  • Became a strong voice in the marketing committee
  • Assisted the Street Team Director in guerrilla marketing tactics
  • Communicated with the Graphic Design Director for various campaigns and posts

Graphic Design Intern (Jan. 2016 - May 2016)

Designed online graphics for marketing operations

Designed marketing collateral of the organization


Vice President of Marketing (Aug. 2015 - Jan. 2016)

  • Recruited and increased the committee size by 100%

  • Revamped the position to set a new precedent for future prospects in this position
  • Became a strong voice on the executive board to lead the organization 
  • Lead the marketing committee to execute marketing and advertising duties
  • Conducted creative executions to promote events
  • Was a liaison between the marketing committee, the executive board, and the other committees of the organization
  • Partnered with other student campus organizations to mutually increase exposure 
  • Was a member of the Spring Weekend committee to assist with planning the event. 

Spring Weekend

Spring Weekend is Longwood's annual music and performing arts festival. Each spring, the organization provides a day-long event that allows the Longwood community entertainment and recreational activities. During the day, Lancer Productions books student acts to perform while leaving booths for student organizations to fundraise for their activities. The campus programming board partners with Longwood Dining Services to provide outdoor, picnic-style buffet for the audience. At night, Spring Weekend provides the Longwood community a concert with national artists. The artists that the organization's had are Taylor Swift, 3Oh!3, Chase Bryant, Hoodie Allen, and more.