HBO Social

This campaign was completed as a Brandcenter project.


HBO is known for its excellent original series with dramatic, raw content that tailors to a mature audience. We were tasked to capture a new target while maintaining HBO's current audience by bringing the brand to life in the retail space.

Current Viewers

Current HBO viewers' ages range from 30-50 who possess a decent disposable income. From multiple interviews, we found out that these viewers enjoy leisure time at restaurants, bars, and sporting events.


HBO's competitors include television networks in all categories such as streaming services, cable TV, and digital satellite TV. We found that streaming services are HBO's main competitors and that the television network differentiates itself by not releasing full seasons all at once. 


By not releasing full seasons at once, HBO creates a culture that curates conversations and speculations around every plot of each show.

In conducting interviews of HBO's audience, we discovered that the television network has a hidden viewer; viewers who are younger and watch the company's content from their close ones' subscription. From in-person interviews, we also concluded that these viewers go to restaurants, bars, and sporting events for leisure as well. 


With conversations curating around HBO series and a hidden younger demographic watching its content, we saw an opportunity to capture this market through a retail experience; a restaurant and bar with a "CineBistro" style theater upstairs.

Selling Point to Hidden Viewers

As the hidden viewers are younger, their social lives are high on their priority list. Our selling point to these prospective customers is that this retail concept allows them to socially experience premieres of their favorite shows with their friends and close ones while dining in. 

Retail Concept: HBO Social

HBO Social is a go-to entertainment destination that allows patrons to dine in downstairs The retail spot will provide a dine-in theater upstairs for viewers to see new and already-released episodes of the company's most popular shows as well as special events that include comedy shows, acoustic concerts, and more to steam across HBO platforms. Ordering food will be available through tablets and servers will be provided in the theater. Sales will be driven by food, drinks, merchandise and movie tickets.

Brand Promise

"To provide a new, multidimensional, tangible way to experience HBO to their current customers and a new target. This new retail experience will live up to the same expectations that viewers have when journeying into a new story: a standard of excellence and a desire for more."

Look & Feel

The outside of the entertainment center will reflect HBO's sleek, glossy branding, while the inside of the retail spot will be featured with a refined industrial design that includes classic wooden floors and the victorian style wallpapers. With subtle nods of HBO's series, the restaurant/theater will invite guests to live through each excellent story through this retail experience.


To open HBO Social, there will be a launch party that will premiere events for a season of one of HBO's most popular series in the upstairs theater. We will invite the cast of that series as special guests to attend the event to provide an intimate experience for fans. 

Pricing for Launch Party:

  • Viewing in the downstairs restaurant/bar: $150

  • Viewing in the upstairs theater with a meet & greet with special guests: $250

Advertising will be executed in the span of six months prior to the event.


  • Out of Home

  • Social Media

  • Digital ads on HBO Now


Kelly O'Keefe: Brand Strategist, Brand Management Professor

Colin McCool: Creative Brand Manager

Emily Hudson: Creative Brand Manager

Mark Thompson: Creative Brand Manager

Jennifer Root: Creative Brand Manager


Concept, Food & Merch

 Look & Feel

Business Model & Event Calendar

Advertising Executions