Capital One

This was a live client project.


Planning for an internal launch of the organization's new CRM software, Capital One came to us to develop a name for the system. The software would be an easy-to-use system to manage Capital One customers' finances. 


Capital One's customer service representatives.

The Solution

Our goal was to create names that convey unity, empowerment, ease of use and excitement. 

The Names & Meanings

Cap-I: Short for capital intelligence, we wanted a word that would use the name of brand into the system. 

Atlas: Like a navigator using an atlas to explore, this name would convey empowerment and direction of the software.

Aspire: Aspire conveys uplifting and empowering customers to their desired state.

The Hub: This name conveys centralization of customer information into what system.

Converge: This name conveys unity of customer information merging together.


Kelly O'Keefe: Brand Design Professor

Colin McCool: Creative Brand Manager

Emily Hudson: Creative Brand Manager

Mark Thompson: Creative Brand Manager

Jennifer Root: Creative Brand Manager

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