My goal: To connect brands to people.

Unlike other entities, brands have the ability to connect to people on an emotional level. When building brand equity is done correctly, they have the to power communicate the right messages and change the world for the better. My ultimate goal is to humanize brands and build them up to effectively connect to people not as customers, but as humans.

Three things you should know about me.


Music is Life.


I'm a music fanatic! I'll never be too busy to explore new tunes, attend live shows, or learn another musical instrument. I'll listen to anything between Blink-182 to Drake to Linkin Park to Florida Georgia Line to Journey. Music is the gateway to the soul, and there is no life without music.

If I was a sitcom character,

giphy (2).gif

I'd be a mixture of Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani according to my friends. I'm the guy that makes silly comments to brighten up the day and make people laugh. I apologize in advance for my goofiness.

Dogs. Just dogs.


When I'm bored, I look up random memes and gifs of dogs. I'm a huge dog person, even though I'm slightly allergic to some. Expect to receive some dog memes and gifs from me from time to time.